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Using a Snapshot Version of the Library

If you would like to depend on the cutting edge version of the MDC-Android Compose Theme Adapter library, you can use the snapshot versions that are published to GitHub Packages. These are updated on every commit to develop.

To do so, you need to create a GitHub access token, and add the following to your build.gradle Maven repositories:

maven {
    url = uri("")
    credentials {
        username = <github_username>
        password = <github_access_token>

Then you can use a snapshot version by adding a<version>-SNAPSHOT dependency as per usual (see latest release here). This will fetch the latest snapshot version, which your Gradle build won't cache. If you build after a new version has been published, that version will be used.

See the official doc on Configuring Gradle for use with GitHub Packages for additional information.

If you prefer to depend on a specific snapshot version, you can add<version>-<uniqueversion>, where <uniqueversion> is a combination of the date, a timestamp, and a counter (see all versions here).